We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tracy Higgon: Textile

As hard as it is to see in this photo, Tracy's work is comprised of hundreds of teeny tiny stitches and knots.  Absolutely amazing, I can't even begin to imagine how many hours this confection took to create.

Robert Reid: Winter Sun

Robert, has a long and glorious history as a watercolourist.
So often when an artist makes a medium shift a learning curve follows, not Bob.
His switch to acrylic has been flawless. Can't you just feel the frost nipping at your nose on the sunny winter day pictured here!

Margo Oborne: Waiting for Spring

You can feel this birds disgruntlement, as he waits for spring.
Margo has done some extraordinary watercolours, this one though is just pure fun!

Magical Textile work: Cynthia McNair

Cynthia doesn't 'just' quilt and embroider, (both skills that I greatly admire, lack, and am slightly jealous of) she also dyes her own fabric, and embellishments.
She's a sought after workshop teacher around the globe, and very active in the textile art movement closer to home.
Her truly remarkable art invites touch, and sings softly to your senses.  

Another W.O.W. by Deb Dicker

Wonderful, Otherworldly, Work. W.O.W.
Deb excels at W.O.W.

Feel the Heat of Africa on a winters day-Harold Watling:Photographer

Harold has been to all of the places on my bucket list. I may never get there, but thanks to Harold I get a glimpse of the exotic flora and fauna of ...everywhere.
Well known for his wildlife photographs, which have graced some very notable publications, Harold stalks his prey with sophisticated cameras and devises, but it's not the equipment that makes the photographer, it's his phenomenal patience, and talent for capturing just the right moment.

Jo Wilkinson: Emotion in Watercolour

Jo captures the feeling of  her subject so very well.
In this piece you can feel the fog caressing your face on an early winter day, nicely done Jo!

Philip Schmidt: Photographer, subject-magic light

Talk with Phil for even a few minutes, and you'll discover that as a photographer he is addicted to the glory of 'magic light'.
Like most addicts he goes to extreme lengths, taking insane risks to get his shots.
Each of his photographs has a story, many of them involving broken limbs, and frostbitten extremity's.  Clearly these ain't your Momma's snap shots.
What he won't tell you so readily, is that as a photographer he has some serious cred's, each one well earned.

Melissa Kempf: stone birds

I am constantly amazed by the delicacy of Melissa's soap stone carving.
There is a delicious irony in her choice of medium and subject, she so often chooses to depict feather and flower, natures softest depicted in stone...

Port is ice free, last minute shopping?

For those last minute Christmas shoppers....Port Stanley is ice free, in fact coming to Port the roads were only a little icy north of St Thomas, and once you got to St T there was no ice at all.
I notice some of the restaurants advertising brunch and lunch specials, and of course Port is full of unique shops, like us...the Art Emporium.... your one of a kind gift headquarters!
look Ma....no ice!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christa Oglan: Collageist Phenomenal

Christa takes collage into another level using fabric, found items, paper, metals and so much more.
Often dimensional, always luscious, they feel rich.
Eye candy, wall jewellery, enormously appealing, they would be at home anywhere a statement of opulence needs to be made.

Sandra England: New Work

Sandra has a brilliant pallet, sizzling oranges, cooled by dynamic turquoise.
Know for her powerful figurative work, her equally powerful horses will gallop away with your heart.

Assemblage in the Christmas Spirit

This is assemblage done right, and believe me when I say that that is not an easy feat.
Sandra Foley's work is new to our gift boutique, and we see great things ahead for her! Welcome Sandra.

Rose Klein:Stitch Wizardry

I'm a huge fan of Rose's textile work. She's gone way beyond embroidery and piece work.
I especially love the work she does on felt and cheesecloth, deliberately distressed,  it has a very ephemeral feel, as if it has just risen from some mysterious dimension, where old becomes new and time has no meaning.

Robin Baratta: another member in the news

Robin's a bit shy about her accomplishments, but we've captured this from her blog:

Everyone knows I love Terraskin.
It turns out Terraskin loves me back!
A couple of years ago I contacted the Terraskin   people and asked for some samples,  for a demo I did. It would seem they've been following me since then.  A couple of weeks ago they contacted me, at first I thought it was either spam or a joke, but it's not.
Here is a link to the amazon shop that is selling the pads with my art on the cover, and here is the Etsy shop.
When the interview we did goes live I'll post a link to that too!
And yes money exchanged hands :)

8pt Multimedia pad stone paper - rock on!

Congratulations Ethel Mitrovic!

Not only did Ethel win a Judges Choice award for her piece, but it was purchased by the Woodstock Gallery for the silent auction they had at their event 'The Song My Paddle Sings'  a CD Launch for the Fanshawe singers with music written in  tribute to Pauline Johnson.
Thank you Philip Schmidt for the montage of the work and award.

Judy Minor Wins Another Top Award

 Judy Minor, has once again walked away with the top award in international competition.
The Miniature Painters, Gravers, and Sculptors Society based in Washington D.C. has awarded her ‘best in show’ for her painting ‘The Creamery’.

The MPGSS is the oldest such society in North America, the second oldest in the world, and one of the most prestigious.
The 80th Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, runs until January 4th, 2014, at ‘The Mansion at Strathmore’ in Washington D.C.
We are very proud of Judy, her work can be found in Art Emporium, Boathouse Gallery.

Stone Keeper by Kim Yuhasz

The wall sculptures of Kim Yuhasz, are an intriguing blend of materials, colour and texture.  Often reminiscent of water, they have a sensuous aspect that is both calming and uplifting.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Richard Cochrill: Rich and Dynamic New Work

Bold, linear, dynamic, all good words for Richards work, warm, entrancing, and energized also good. What ever words you use, his work is very distinct, and beautiful. We're delighted to show you his newest pieces, here in the Art Emporium-Boathouse Gallery.

Last Men's Night at the Art Emporium

Guys, Art Emporium's last December Men's night for this year is just around the corner...
 you know that we have exquisite one of a kind  gifts that will make your sweeties heart go pittypat, did you also know we'll wrap it for you!?!
Last chance, Dec 20th

Elizabeth Kusinski: New Work-Presentation of the Virgin

Elizabeth just keeps going from strength to strength.
Not content with creating absolutely luscious, glowing oils of larger than life blossoms, she likes to challenge herself.
The latest test she's given her self is to interpret a detail of Ghirlandaio's 'Presentation of the Virgin'
A test she has not just passed, but I'm sure the old master himself would have said - aced.

Randy Bloye: New Work

Wood artist Randy Bloye, has moved to a bigger space in the gallery which better showcases his wildly popular carvings.
As a consequence, we have more!
Randy works almost exclusively in Cottonwood bark, bringing to life the magical world he sees buried  in each craggy piece, to the delight of the viewer.
 The  forestry industry industry may consider this material a 'waste product', but in Randy's talented hands it most decidedly is treasure, not trash.

Vanessa Garcia: New Work

We have LOTS of new work in the gallery, Vanessa brought in more of her wonderfully quirky cats. Originally from Columbia, the vibrant colours and very stylized subject matter speak of her culture and bubbling personality.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pat Brown: Delicate watercolour

Pat's work epitomizes the delicacy of watercolour. Softly done, nuanced work, that touches your soul.

Judy Ross: Mixed Media and Photography

Judy is one busy lady, constantly coming up with something new,
Whether it's cityscape collage,  fields of metallic wheat or photography, you can count on her work to delight your eye .

New work: Heather Kohl

 If you're familiar with Heathers work, then you'll know that this photo doesn't begin to do it justice. Heather has a unique mixed media process that results in almost sculptural work, that begs to be touched.

This piece is called  'Canyon Walls', at 48"x72"  it has presence. Beautiful.