We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Jewel like work by Christa Oglan

Delightful glittering, colourful, textured work by Christa Oglan, Very large, or Very small each piece is like a jewel for your wall, something to treasure, and available here at the Art Emporium.

Sandra England, Virtuoso

Sandra possesses an extraordinary talent, colour is her instrument, light her servant. The large piece in the top left corner of this photo was chosen by her peers to represent the Port Stanley Artist's Guild this year, but don't come looking for it...it's sold.

Luscious Watercolour by Carolyne McLeod

Carolyne is one of our newer members in the Boathouse Gallery. She's taken one of the spaces we added in a effort to accommodate some of the artists on our waiting list, and we're delighted to have her on board!
Carolyne is known for her excellent drawing skills and deft use of colour, which combine to create incredibly delicious works, here for you to enjoy in the Art Emporium's Boathouse Gallery.

Time is running out...

The May featured artist's will be taking their work down at the end of this week.  Debra Chantler, Elizabeth Kusinski, Margo Oborne, Marie Harold, Karen Thyret, Paul McSherry and Rose Klein have all selected one very special piece to display, and in just days...they'll be gone.
Don't miss your chance to see the finest our featured artists have to offer!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sculpture and pottery by Ethel Mitrovic

Look in the dictionary under whimsy, and Ethel's work is bound to be illustrated.  Whether functional or decorative all of her work has a distinct touch.  One of our most popular artists, Ethel's work can be found in the Boathouse Gallery.

Mixed Media by Annette Martin

Annette was awestruck in childhood when she saw work of Cape Dorset artists. That early exposure has informed her art and resulted in a distinctive style full of colour, texture, and most importantly to Annette, story.

Found Object Mosaic, by Dianne Elliott

Dianne's sometimes quirky, always interesting pieces invite the eye to play. She incorporates hidden surprises and bits of nostalgia into a whole that will delight you. 

Textile art by Cynthia McNair

 Each piece Cynthia creates  is a symphony of texture and design, she starts by dyeing the fabrics she uses, then composes the work like the master artist that she is.

Pottery by David Dale

Potter, photographer, airbrush artist, opalescent, pulsing with energy, no matter the medium, David's work is covetable.

Photography/Digital Art by George Sapkowski

George makes the controversy about whether digital art is Art and smashes it to smithereens  Experience his work, and you know without a doubt, it is Art! His sense of composition and colour is astounding, making his work some of the most popular in the Boathouse Gallery, make sure you make us a stop when you come to Port Stanley, to experience George's work for yourself.

Lathe Creations by Henry Verberne

Henry is one of the leaders of the Middlesex County arts scene. He's the organizer of both the Strathroy Art in the Park, and the Middlesex County Studio Tour.  He's also an extremely talented wood turner, creating vases, bowls, urns and pens.  We're very pleased to have his work here in the gift boutique!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Judy Minor: New work

We're pleased to announce that Judy has replenished her wall space, here in the Art Emporium. Judy is much celebrated for her marvellous work, with impressionistic landscape, like an exquisite setting for a precious gem, embracing minute touches of detail. As a recent patron of Judy's said....'She's definitely going to be famous'. With her list of accolades me thinks she already is!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Susan's Garden: Paul McSherry

Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Hanging Glass, Standing Glass, Paul does Glass, in all it's forms, and he does it very well!  I love the way this 'garden' escapes the confines of the frame, growing and reaching every upwards, with twisting sensuous movement. Delightful in summer, even more welcome in not-summer, this work is one of the featured works for May, here in the Art Emporium.

Textural Paintings: Deb Dicker

Not quite abstraction, not exactly surreal, a land of her own imagining, full of falling water, clouds and angels, populates Deb's wall space. Her colours grab you, her textures entrance you, best seen in person, here at the Art Emporium.

Sculpture: by Ken Brown

Amazing work. The attention to detail, and the rich patina of Ken's work is mind boggling. Each piece has a personality of it's own, and a presence that shouts THIS, IS ART!

Struttin' Around-Karen Thyret

I will admit, I have a soft spot for chickens, a favorite Aunt had chickens, and this painting of Karen's captures their attitude perfectly.
I must apologize my photograph barely does this justice, so you'll have to come see it for yourself, to get the  full delightful impact.  Karen is one of our many talented artists, and is a  Featured Artist for May, here at the Art Emporium.

June-Anne's Babies

Well known for her amazing paintings and drawings, June-Anne Reid has recently started 'playing' with polymer clay, with adorable results. It shouldn't be legal for one woman to have so much talent!

Philip Schmidt, Photog Extraordinaire

One of our original members, and an outstanding supporter of the arts in our region, Philip has a unique and beautiful concept. He commissions different artists to interpret his photos, then showcases the resulting paintings or sculpture with his original photo. Philip's Connected Arts pieces are always at the top of our informal poll, 'do you have a  favorite?'  They're sure to be your favorite too!

Welcome to our new Blog!

We're making the shift to blogger for our Art Emporium blog, to better trumpet the skills of our wonderful artists and artisans.
If you haven't visited us yet, or if it's been a while, we're hoping the ability to post pictures will tease you enough that you'll make the short trip to Port Stanley.
We're open for your art viewing (and purchasing) pleasure!